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Hotels in Thailand

Thailand has progressed a great deal over the last 20 or so years and has now become a world class holiday destination that is accessible to more and more people. As tourism increased, this naturally meant that hotels needed to be developed that could cater for every budget from backpackers looking to stay in hostels […]

Best Thai Beach Hotels For People On A Budget

Best Thai Beach Hotels For People On A Budget

Thailand is popular for a number of reasons. Its beauty, relaxed atmosphere, friendly people, and rich culture and history are but some of the things that people look for. Not just that, however, but Thailand is also incredibly affordable. It is a true haven for backpackers and other budget tourists alike. Because it is such […]


Visiting Thailand Without Setting Foot On A Beach

Thailand is usually all about the beaches and the beautiful seas. However, what if you’re not a beach person? What if you hate the feeling of sand between your toes and in your swimming costume? What if you don’t want to share a tiny amount of towel space with thousands of other people who flock […]

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