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Retiring in Thailand

We all look at the travel brochures and look on TV and think that Thailand looks an idyllic place to visit and perhaps even live. With an excellent year round climate, quality healthcare facilities in the major cities and the general friendly nature of the Thai people making the whole place attractive to everyone. The place often comes […]

Diving in Thailand

There are a number of reasons why people come to Thailand and there is little doubt that diving is one of the main ones. Due to Thailand’s close proximity to the Tropics, it is pretty much possible to dive in Thailand 12 months of the year with this certainly possible in the destinations that are […]

Best Phuket Golf Courses

Best Phuket Golf Courses

One of the fastest growing regions in the world for golf tourism is Thailand, and most especially the Island region of Phuket. Phuket the largest island in Thailand, is a vibrant and interesting place to visit for those that are not interested in the various and diverse golfing options that the island has to offer. […]

Thailand – A Haven For Diving Enthusiasts

Thailand – A Haven For Diving Enthusiasts

Thailand is a true haven for divers, particularly the Andaman Sea, which is in the west of the country. The list of dive sites would be nearly endless, so we will only be able to name some of the truly best ones. If you want to go slightly more off the beaten track, however, you […]


Visiting Thailand Without Setting Foot On A Beach

Thailand is usually all about the beaches and the beautiful seas. However, what if you’re not a beach person? What if you hate the feeling of sand between your toes and in your swimming costume? What if you don’t want to share a tiny amount of towel space with thousands of other people who flock […]

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